場地使用細則 – 持續進修中心


The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Continuous Learning Centre


Application Procedures and Payment Method


申請時段 Service Time

星期一至星期日 上午九時至晚上十時
Mondays to Sundays From 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.


The duration of booking time can be varied depends on the situation.

  1. 申請者在遞交申請前,須以電話查詢場地設施的使用情況。在確實使用情況後,方可入紙申請。中心將不接受電話預訂場地設施。申請表格可透過中心網頁(http://clc.hkfyg.org.hk/venue_bookingform_clc/)、傳真或電郵索取。
    Applicant(s) is required to check the availability of venue(s) by phone before submitting the booking form. Telephone reservations will not be accepted. Booking forms can be obtained either from the website of the HKFYG Continuous Learning Centre (http://clc.hkfyg.org.hk/venue_bookingform_clc/); by fax or by email upon telephone requests.
  1. 申請者須以傳真、電郵、郵寄或親臨中心遞交填妥之申請表。申請人在遞交申請表時,須附上商業登記證明或社團註冊證明。申請者有責任確保申請表及相關文件已送達中心。
    Applicant(s) should return the completed form to our office by fax, by email, by post or in person. Please also enclose a copy of the following document(s):A. Business Registration Certificate / Society Registration Certificate; and/or
    B. Charitable Institutions and Trust Registration Certificate issued by the Inland Revenue Department under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.It is the responsibility of applicant(s) to ensure that the application form and relevant document(s) have reached the Booking Office.
  1. 場地設施申請一經接納,申請人將獲發繳費通知書,並需在獲發繳費通知書後的十個工作天內中心指定日期前繳交費用,否則申請將被自動取消。申請人可以銀行入賬或以支票繳交費用:
    Notice of Payment will be issued to the successful applicant(s) and payment should be settled within 10 working days or before the due date after the Notice of Payment has been issued; otherwise, the booking will be cancelled automatically. The applicant(s) can either settle the payment by cheque or by transferring amount to our designated HSBC and BOC account.
  1. 申請者可親臨中心,以現金或信用卡繳費。
    Applicant(s) can visit the office and pay by cash and credit card.
  2. 如以銀行入賬,請將確認金額轉入指定的匯豐銀行/中國銀行戶口 (戶口名稱:The HK Federation of Youth Groups – Continuous Learning Centre),並將入數紙副本及繳費通知書一併交回中心。
    For payment by bank transaction, the advice slip of payment should be sent by fax (Fax Number: 2130-4030) to our office as confirmation.
HSBC account no. :
BOC account no. :
  • 如以支票繳交,申請人可以劃線支票 (支票抬頭:香港青年協會持續進修中心) 交回中心。期票恕不接納。如以支票繳交費用,相關場地設施申請須於使用日期前十四個工作天前提出。
    For payment by cheque, a crossed cheque made payable to “The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Continuous Learning Centre” should be presented to our office, while post-dated cheques or cash will not be accepted. Payment by cheque can only be accepted if the booking is made 14 working days before the date of event.


  1. 在場地使用期間,如因天氣或其他不可預計的情況下引致場地關閉,則可按《場地及設施使用條款》更改使用日期或申請退回款項。
    The applicant(s) may re-schedule or receive a refund only if the booking has been cancelled due to bad weather conditions, such as black rainstorm signal or if typhoon signal number 8 and above are hoisted; or due to other unforeseen situations which prevent the use of the hired venue(s) or facilities.
  1. 所有取消場地設施的申請須以書面提交,並須在申請場地使用日期最少兩星期前交至中心,否則所繳交的費用將不獲退還。已繳付之款項將按比例退還:
    Cancellation of booking will only be accepted in writing, and must reach the Booking Office at least 2 weeks before the date of the event; otherwise no refund for such a cancellation of booking will be made. The proportion of refund will be made in accordance with the following:
取消申請通知期 Notice of Cancellation Received 退款百分比Ratio of Refund
十四天以下 Less than 14 days 0%
十四至二十九天 14 to 29 days 25%
三十天至五十九天 30 to 59 days 50%
六十天或以上 60 days or above 80%
  1. 場地設施申請一經接納,將不接受任何資料更改申請。
    Alternation is not permitted when the application is confirmed.
  1. 如服務使用者違反《場地及設施使用條款》,中心保留一切權利,可在場地設施使用期間終止其活動,已繳交的所有費用則不會退還。
    The centre reserves the rights to annul any function at any time during the period of hire if the HKFYG Building Regulations of use are breached. In such a circumstance, no refund will be made.

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Continuous Learning Centre

香港青年協會持續進修中心 Venue Regulations of Use



    1. 中心於收妥有關文件後三個工作天內,回覆申請人是否接納其申請。
      The centre will respond to the applicant(s) within 3 working days after the booking form has been received.
    2. 中心對所有場地設施使用申請,均保留最終決定權,亦毋須就拒絕場地申請作出解釋。
      The centre reserves the rights to reject any application, while it is not necessary for the centre to give any explanation in any circumstances.
    3. 場地設施服務收費以最後發出之收費表為準,申請人有責任向中心查詢相關的收費。
      The rate(s) shown are accurate at the time of printing, and the applicant(s) has the full responsibilities to check the latest rate(s) with the Office.
    4. 如取消場地設施使用,須以書面通知,於所使用日期最少兩星期前交回中心。
      Cancellation of booking should only be accepted in written notice, and must reach the centre at least 2 weeks before the date of the event.
    5. 場地用途須與申請表格內列明之使用目的相符,在任何情況下均不能違反法例。
      The applicant(s) should ensure that their activities in the premises of the centre are as stated in the application form and comply with all legal requirements.
    6. 場地使用者有責任採取一切必須及適合的措施,確保所有使用的場地均不得超越指定人數上限。
      The applicant(s) should exercise all necessary and appropriate measures to ensure the stated capacity of the venue is duly observed.
    7. 所有場地最低使用時限為兩小時。每4小時為一節使用時段,不足4小時亦作一節計算。場地將於使用時間前15分鐘開放,場地使用者須於租用時段完結後15分鐘內交還場地。如超過上述時間,中心將收取額外費用,提早或超過15分鐘亦作一小時計算。如使用場地當天為星期日或公眾假期,中心將收取額外費用,每房每節加收港幣五百元正。
      Each minimum hiring period is 2 hours. Each 4-hour-booking (including any booking less than 4 hours) will be counted as one booking session. Venue shall be available 15 minutes before the booking time. Applicant(s) should depart within 15 minutes after the completion time of booking. Centre will charge for any overtime usage described above, 1 hour usage fee will be counted. Extra fee will be charged for any application for Sunday or public holiday. Additional amount of HK$500 will be charged for any booking of each room per session.
    8. 場地使用者在公開發佈、宣傳、推廣或刊登廣告推廣其活動時,不得直接或間接以香港青年協會或香港青年協會持續進修中心名義使用,或令人相信該等活動與香港青年協會或香港青年協會持續進修中心有任何的關係或聯繫。
      The applicant(s) should never publicize, promote, campaign, or advertise their function(s) by bearing the name of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (hereafter “the Federation”) or The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Continuous Learning Centre, nor hinting any relations or connections with the Federation or the Centre.
    9. 場地使用者須於使用場地當日出示付款證明文件。
      The applicant(s) should be able to present the receipt of payment on the date of booking.
    10. 未經中心事前書面許可,場地使用者不得使用申請場地以外空間,如走廊、樓梯、大堂等。如因場地使用者在未經許可下使用而導致任何損壞或遺失,場地使用者均須負責賠償。
      Without prior written approval from the management of the Centre, the applicant(s) should not use nor enter any areas other than the applicant(s) have booked, including but not limited to corridor(s), staircase(s), hall(s). If the applicant(s) use or enter any areas other than the applicant(s) have booked without prior written approval from the management of the Centre, the applicant(s) are liable for all possible loss and damage.
    11. 場地使用者只可使用場地所提供或已申請的設備及設施,並有責任在使用後還原所有設備及設施至原來的狀態。場地使用者應小心及正確使用相關設備及設施,不得變更、改裝、加裝或/及外置任何物件。
      The applicant(s) should only use the provided or rented equipment and facilities in the booked venue(s) and are responsible for reinstating the equipment and facilities to its original condition immediately after use. The applicant(s) should use such equipment and facilities in a careful and proper manner, while no alterations, modifications, attachments and/ or additions to the facilities and equipment are allowed.
    12. 一切由場地使用者、其代表、僱員、代理或邀請者對中心內任何設施及器材所造成損失或損壞,均由場地使用者負責。場地使用者須向中心支付一切維修或/以及更換的費用。
      The applicant(s) will be liable for any loss or damage of the provided or rented equipment and facilities made by representatives, employees, agents or invitees of the applicant(s). The applicant(s) should reimburse the Centre the total cost in relation to repairing or replacing the loss and damage of the provided or rented equipment and facilities.
    13. 場地使用者如要在場地內進行各類設置,須將安裝及拆除時間計算在場地使用時間之內。
      The applicant(s) should include time for setting up and dismantling work of the venue in the using period.
    14. 場地使用者如在場地內之地板、牆身、天花等地方加裝物件而導致任何污漬或損壞,均須負責賠償。
      The applicant(s) should not post materials on areas which may cause damages or stains to building fabrics including floor, wall, ceiling etc. The applicant(s) should reimburse the Centre of the total cost in relation to repairing or eliminating damages and stains caused by the applicant(s).
    15. 場地使用者須在交還場地前將全部所屬物件,包括裝飾、宣傳及包裝物品搬走。如發現上述物品,中心有權將物品丟棄或暫存,並向場地使用者徵收所須費用。
      The applicant(s) should remove their own property including decorative, promotional and packing materials from the venue before departure. If any property or materials belonged to the applicant(s) is found in any area(s) of the venue, the Office may remove or store the same in such manner as they consider necessary, and on demand, the applicant(s) should reimburse the Centre of the total cost incurred by such removal and storage.
    16. 未經中心書面許可場地使用者,不得在場地或以外空間如走廊、樓梯、大堂等售賣貨物、服務及進行任何形式的現金交易。
      Without prior approval of the management of the Centre, sales activities including sales of goods/souvenirs/articles/programmes/services etc. and cash transaction of all kind are strictly refrained to be held in all rented venues and common areas of the venue.
    17. 場地使用者有責任為場地內舉辦的活動及參加者購買適合的保險,包括第三者保險等等。
      The applicant(s) should bear the liability of having placed appropriate insurance to cover all eventualities during the use of the booked venue of the venue including third parties liabilities etc.
    18. 中心將於黑色暴雨警告或八號或以上風球懸掛後三十分鐘關閉;在黑色暴雨警告或八號或以上風球 卸下兩小時後重開。在使用期間因惡劣天氣引致場地關閉,場地使用者可在場地設施使用情況許可下,更改未使用的時段(任何未使用的時段均以完整小時計算及在其後十二個月內有效,假設未使用的時段是兩小時五十九分鐘,場地使用者只有兩小時的時段在其後的十二個月內安排使用)。
      The venue will be closed 30 minutes after the black rainstorm signal or when typhoon signal number 8 and above is hoisted. The venue will be re-opened 2 hours after the black rainstorm or the typhoon signal number 8 or above are cancelled. In these circumstances, the applicant(s) can re-schedule the unused hiring period, subject to the availability of the booked venue(s) (any unused hiring period is counted by an integral hour and valid for the following 12 months, for example if the unused hiring period is 2 hours and 59 minutes, the applicant(s) should only be able to re-schedule 2 hours of unused hiring session in the coming 12 months).
    19. 中心範圍內不准飲食,場地使用者如需於場地內安排餐飲服務需事前向中心申請,中心需徵收額外清潔費用。每房每節加收港幣五百元正,飲食時間不足一節亦作一節計算。
      Cooking or serving of food or beverage will not be allowed in any meeting venue of the venue. If outside catering services is required, please contact the office for arrangements. Cleaning charge will be applied if food and beverage are served at these areas. Additional amount of HK$500 will be applied for any booking of each room per session.

如有任何問題,歡迎致電 2130 4000 與中心職員聯絡。
Please contact the Office at: 2130 4000 for further information.




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